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Follow Friday—Blogger Crush of the Week:
Kelly from Hello Kelle

How should all 21-year-olds dress, you ask? Probably exactly like Kelly Shami. She dons beanies and sneakers just as easily as prim tie-neck blouses and A-line skirts, which makes her hard to resist whether you side with a West or East coast sartorial mentality. Her look is fun, she’s got a jewelry line in the works & digs Grace Coddington as much as we do…this girl is IT.

1. The Basics:
Kelly Shami, 21 years young, NYC

2. 5 items in your closet you couldn’t live without:
- My jewelry box! Being a rookie jewelry designer I always get inspiration from the pieces I have collected over the years. I can’t leave the house without a necklace and a few rings on.
- My vintage Chanel scarf handed down to me from my mother. It is one of my favorite pieces due to its sentimental value and that in can instantly turn a casual outfit to something more lively.
- Black Shiny Nylon Tricot Leggings from American Apparel, literally the only pair of basic leggings I ever buy. Whether I am working out or going out, they never fail me.
- A pair of Converse! Being big on sneakers, there’s nothing like a pair of chucks.
- I recently just purchased a Louis Vuitton speedy, and now I couldn’t imagine what other bag could be more versatile. It holds everything from my notebooks and makeup to dog treats for the pup.  The monogram always struck me as an iconic print.

3. Currently coveting…
After doing my shoe roundup for 2012, I am pretty much craving all of those shoes (a girl can dream right?). I am also always on the hunt for the perfect white tee, it’s actually harder than it seems to find!

4. Favorite item ever featured on The ZOE Report
I’ve always been a huge Balmain fan, and when I saw The ZOE Report’s feature about their collaboration with jeweler Aurélie Bidermann, I fell in love. I love the simplicity of the bag touched with hints of fine accessories.  It’s cool to see huge fashion houses collaborate with jewelry designers.

5. 5 songs you’re streaming at the moment:
-“Everything is Embarrassing" by Sky Ferreira
-“Champagne Coast" by Blood Orange
-“I’m On Fire" by Bruce Springsteen
-“Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood
-“Poetic Justice" by Kendrick Lamar
I’m totally hooked onto Spotify, I make playlists for everything!

Find her on Twitter & Facebook, and don’t forget to add Hello Kelle to your blogroll!

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