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Sophia Webster is our latest shoe designer du jour—her designs are girly, fun & definitely not your run-of-the-mill pumps and platforms. In our haste to learn as much as we could about this British babe, we flagged her down to ask a few important questions:
1. Describe your aesthetic in three words:

Playful, colourful and feminine.

2. You were Nicholas Kirkwood’s assistant for quite some time—how have you been influenced by that period in your career?

I think he has influenced my attitude towards designing shoes. If Nicholas has an idea for a shoe and suppliers or manufacturers tell him it’s not possible, he will exhaust the possibilities until he can prove them wrong. If he believes something is possible then he always finds a way to make it happen. 

3. Your shoes are insanely detailed and intricate —where do you derive such creative inspiration for these unique designs?!

Some designs come from research imagery some pop straight out of my head. There’s no real method to the madness. 

4. Where do you envision the Sophia Webster girl wearing your footwear?

Wherever she wants I guess, wherever her shoes take her. It would be as rewarding for me to see a celebrity wearing them on the red carpet as it would to see a woman wearing them down the fruit and veg aisle at the supermarket. As long as they enjoy them and feel confident in their heels I’m happy. 

5. Do you have a particular favorite shoe from your collection (if you HAD to pick!)

I love Rio Sunset. They make me smile. I designed them in Brazil, relaxing on Ipanema beach and sipping on a coconut. 
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