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If you haven’t heard of the deliciousness that is Momofuku Milk Bar and/or Karlie’s Kookies we recommend you get familiar, cause they’re seriously divine AND for a good cause. And conceptualized by supermodel-of-the-moment Karlie Kloss…like, you must, must try. Read on to get the lowdown on baked goodies and beyond from Queen Karlie herself:

1. How did the idea for Karlie’s Kookies come about?
I love sweets, and have always loved baking and playing with recipes to find healthy alternatives to my favorite treats. I wanted to create a nutritious and tasty cookie that could also benefit others.

2. We know you love to bake, so other than your Kookies, what are some sweet Karlie specialities?
Around the holidays I love to bake with my family. My mom and I make my grandmother’s famous ginger snap cookies, they are one of my faves. They have an amazing scent that makes me always think of holidays at home.

3. Clearly, a lot of eating is done over the holidays―what are your all-time favorite dishes to make and/or devour?
One of my favorite holiday dishes is mashed potatoes, especially when made with sweet potatoes and brown sugar. 

4. What are you giving as gifts this holiday season?
Everyone on my gift list this holiday season is getting the 5boro Kookie! Each tin of Kookies from Momofuku Milk Bar provides 30 meals to New Yorkers affected by Hurricane Sandy. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving, which is always my type of gift!
Also, this holiday season it is all about coffee table books since there are so many amazing ones coming out. I can’t wait to give and receive the Tim Walker, Kate Moss, Grace Coddington and Mario Testino books for the holidays!

5. And on the flipside―what’s on your wishlist?
I’m hoping Santa brings Grace Coddington’s memior, Grace, the Rachel Zoe Pave Love knot hoop earrings and some new Cartier stationary!

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