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If you haven’t checked out the perfection that is Jennifer Fisher jewelry, we suggest you check out today’s TZR—we’re head over heels for the designer’s luxe take on personalized pieces. In an effort to immerse ourselves in all things JF, we scored an interview with the bauble babe herself—check her out and prepare to fall hard!

1. What are you most inspired by for your designs?

I am forever inspired by New York City and the architecture. For fall I have been feeling a bit more inspired by fabric patterns and mirrored images.

2. What are the most sentimental pieces of jewelry you own? Any particular ones with a great story?

The most sentimental piece is the first dog tag that I designed with my son’s name on it. It’s how my company got started. I wear it every day. I was told I would never give birth because of my health issues. This tag represents what a miracle he was and is today. And of course- I also have one for my daughter, Drew- my second miracle.

3. As a jewelry expert…thoughts on mixing and matching metals?

I tend to stick with rose and yellow gold..I’ve never been much of a silver girl and don’t wear the three together at once. I get it –but it’s just not my thing.

4. What are you giving as holiday gifts this year?

Lots of jewelry. It’s what everyone always hints towards.  I also just developed a scent so I am making custom candles.

5. And on the flip side…what’s on YOUR holiday wish list?

I want  (and am going ) to Mexico with my husband and kids with no cell interruptions for a few days. It’s really what I need!! It’s impossible to unplug when running a web business! I love spending New Years Eve in an amazing destination. It chills me out. 
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