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Tuesday Tunes—10/9

Who by David Byrne & St. Vincent
A beyond fresh title track from David Byrne & St. Vincent’s eccentric effort, Love This Giant, Who solidifies the odd couple’s genius with a brass band foundation and contrasting, effortlessly cool man-woman harmonies.

Lay Your Cards Out by Polica
Incredibly listenable, this groovy track from former Gayngs contributors Ryan Olson and Channy Leaneagh, exists on one of our favorite albums of the year, Give You The Ghost. The tune allures with a synth-filled, bluesy reverb that makes it perfect for a downtown dinner party.

Explosions by Ellie Goulding
We didn’t think it was possible to love an Ellie Goulding album more than Lights, but the English artist has blown us away with her sophomore opus: Halcyon. A taste of the key-infused, larger-than-life sound of the record, Explosions blends Ellie’s piercing vocals and lyrics with cinematic strings, daunting drums and a heavenly chorus for a magically layered song.

Cure by The Denzels
Merging surf pop sensibilities with an East Coast melancholy, the Brooklyn-based Denzels had us at first listen. Conveying the quartet’s pulsing energy, Cure builds steadily upward with infectious drums, dreamy riffs and echoing vocals for an incredibly addicting sound.

Closer by Tegan and Sara
Taking their indie-rock sound to new electronica heights, the Canadian sister duo have gifted our ears with this dance-ready tune. The first song on their forthcoming album (set for a January release), it leaves us anxiously waiting at the prospect of a synth-heavy record.

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