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Follow Friday—Blogger Crush of the Week:
Nicole from Frankie Hearts Fashion

You know those girls that manage to infuse a distinct boho-chic vibe into their sartorial sensibility while somehow still remaining perfectly polished? Yeah, Miss Levine has that enviable skill in the bag! Her looks are easy and breezy but never sloppy—a fashionista’s dream! ‘Cause wouldn’t we all love to waltz around with that air of “yes, I always look this good, and no, I didn’t have to try!”… take notes ladies, take notes!

1. The Basics:
Nicole Levine, Los Angeles, CA

2. 5 items in your closet you couldn’t live without:
My vintage Judith Leiber clutch, Alexander Wang Leather jacket, a plain white Tee, my Grandma’s fur stole, and my Rag & Bone booties.

3. Currently coveting…
Helmut Lang Leather Leggings, Jenni Kayne D’Orsay Flats and RZ Leather Nora Vest.

4. 5 songs you’re streaming at the moment:
- “Home" - Phillip Phillips
- “Funnel of Love" - Terraplane Sun
- “Wide Awake" - Katy Perry
- “Too Close" - Alex Clare
- “Titanium" - David Guetta & Sia

5. Favorite item ever featured on The ZOE Report:
I’ve got so many weddings coming up and the 10 Crosby Abstract Maxi Dress instantly popped out at me.

Find her on Twitter & Facebook, and don’t forget to add Frankie Hearts Fashion to your blogroll!

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