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Follow Friday—Blogger Crush of the Week:
Anna Jane from See Jane.

This Midwestern maven has her signature style down to a t—always rocking lots of layers and a fun print or texture, Anna Jane’s looks are fresh, polished and certainly never boring! We caught up with the lovely Chicagoan to get the full scoop on her amazing blog & summer wishlist—read on and enjoy!

1. The Basics:
Anna Jane Wisniewski, 27, Chicago

2. What you love most about having a blog:
Meeting new people, writing and being able to share my thoughts with people.

3. 5 items in your closet you couldn’t live without:
Diamond studs, dark skinny J Brands, any chambray shirt, an awesome pair of sunglasses (I’m loving my Karen Walker and Super pairs), and a silk button-down in a myriad of colors.

4. Currently coveting…
- Proenza Schouler PS1 small leather bag—for when I’m gallivanting around Chicago in the summer and don’t want to lug a huge bag!
- Tibi Colorblock Maxi—I want to wear it to every wedding I have this summer!

5. Favorite item ever featured on The Zoe Report: 
Rochas Borsa Rosa Tote Bag - the pastels + utility…I know I’d use that everyday for work and never tire of it!

Find her on Twitter and don’t forget to add See Jane to your blogroll!

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