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You’d have to try really hard not to love Pamela Love—a jewelry visionary, her personality is just as fabulous as her namesake collection of Southwestern-inspired baubles. Our favorite boho babe shared a few insider tips with us concerning her spring collection and current obsessions. Read on and feel the Love!

1. We love the versatility of the Arch Cuff, how would you personally wear it?

I love mixing statement jewelry with casual and more masculine looks. I would probably do the arch cuff with a worn-in white or black tee and some slouchy boyfriend jeans.

2. What are your other favorite pieces from your latest collection?

From my lastest collection I particularly love the inlay chokers and the citroen bangles.

3. For our ZOE Beautiful readers, what is one of your secret makeup or skincare tips?

I can’t live without Joanna Vargas products for my face. I’m also a huge fan of Just Be Skinline's Chai Body Scrub and face oil.

4.This spring, never leave home without ________________.


5. What’s on your iPod right now?

Antony and the Johnsons

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