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We were sold on today’s Zoe Beautiful feature, Tatcha’s Deep Rice Enzyme Powder, after totally delivering on its promises of leaving skin baby soft and radiant. After learning the history behind the brand’s methodology, however, we were left even more awestruck and felt inclined to share with all of you!

To develop the powder, Tatcha referred back to ancient Japanese culture to discover the secrets of geisha beauty. Renowned for their flawless, ageless skin, geishas unearthed the illuminating properties of rice bran to purify their visages to perfection hundreds of years ago. Uncovering these secrets in a 200-year old manuscript dating back to Japan’s Edo Period, Tatcha learned of three key ingredients in geishas’ beauty regimens—rice bran, red algae and green tea—which have since been applied to the brand’s entire collection of skincare products (we die for all of them, by the way). Replicating and refining these age-old methods, Tatcha has brought the seemingly unattainable to the masses with their highly evolved and well-researched skincare science. Mind blown? Ours too!

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